Innovations beyond possibilities, Results beyond dreams


We are producers of fruit juice, puree, and snack products containing no sugar, no color, no preservatives and no additives of any kind and GMO free. 

Simply, it is like the one that you made at your home. We supply all products by using our recipes or your own recipes under our brand or private label in different products categories and packaging. 

For our range of products and customized alternatives, you can check our SN Food section to have further information.


We make your dream product come true by using our observations, experience, and technology. Your product is safe in our hands and attractive in the customers’ eyes.

Additionally, we support your product to stand out by choosing the appropriate packaging style for your product within our wide product range in the flexible packaging category.

For our packaging products and customized options for your product, you can check our SN Packaging section to have further information.


We are your contracted manufacturer partner.

We provide a filling process with our high technology production line in the flexible packaging category.

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